About Rhino Walking Safaris

Plains Camp (home of Rhino Walking Safaris) is the base camp for our walking trails in the Kruger National Park and represents the heart of the wilderness experience, bringing awareness of the perfect intricacies and anomalies of nature to our guests.

Plains Camp, an intimate camp made up of 4 stylishly appointed en-suite tents 
nestled in the shade of a knobthorn cluster.  Here we specialize in bringing an authentic bush experience to life, offering unforgettable and informative guided walking tours designed to bring you close to nature, finding the often unseen and fascinating aspects of the African bush. 
Learn about flora and fauna, how to identify wildlife tracks and the intricacies of the ecosystems that support the larger animals you are likely to encounter.

Experience Africa’s wildlife - its sights, sounds, scents and textures at ground level. Share a meal and wonderful tales around the campsite before turning in for a comfortable night’s rest in well-appointed tent or take it a step further and pre-book to spend a night under the stars at our Sleepout Decks.

Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park covers almost 2 million hectares of beautiful, unspoilt terrain and boasts the world’s greatest concentration and diversity of species. An impressive 147 mammal species inhabit this remarkable reserve. In addition it boasts 517 bird species, 49 fish, 34 amphibian, 114 reptile and 336 tree species.


What is a Wilderness Concession?

Zoned wilderness areas are very few and far between. The most important factor is that they are not developed with road networks and have no off road driving – making them completely wild and unspoilt – a pristine wilderness area may not even have an aircraft fly over it; we are however a primitive wilderness area which allows for only very well managed and supervised recreational use and very strict conservation ethics.


(home of Rhino Walking Safaris)

Plains Camp (home of Rhino Walking Safaris) has filled a niche in the tourism market, providing specialist walking safaris in the Kruger National Park since 2002.  South African National Parks offered the opportunity for guests to walk in the Kruger with armed guides in 1978.  This proved to be a huge success in ensuing years, and Rhino Walking Safaris recognized the need for a similar opportunity to be offered to discerning clients wanting to be close to nature, but with more of a “glamping” feel... READ MORE »

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