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Plains Camp (home of Rhino Walking Safaris) is an activity based destination.  We specialise in wilderness walking safaris led by guides with years of experience and training behind them. Walks take place with a maximum of eight guests accompanied by two armed guides.

Experience nature intimately, using all five senses.  Marvel at the miracles of nature: from the fascinating minutiae of insect life, vibrant birds, the fragrance of wild herbs and the adrenalin injecting exhilaration of colossal animals and sinewy predators at their own level.

Responsible and ethical eco-tourism is our core, and animals and plant life are treated with utmost respect.  Encounter animals in their natural habitat on their terms, knowing that your pleasure is not only not harmful to nature - with no off-road driving, harassment of animals or captivity; but that a percentage of your spend goes directly toward conservation.

For the adventurous, take this experience a step further by pre-booking a night at the Sleepout Decks;  spend the night on open sleeping platforms under the stars.  Enjoy a dinner cooked on an open fire by your guide and fall asleep to the sounds of hyenas whooping or the rumble of elephants close by.

Morning Walks take place early to ensure that you return to camp before it gets too hot. The average morning walk takes 3-5 hours, totaling 5-12kms.

The Terrain is fairly even (*see fitness requirements), but comfortable walking shoes are a necessity. It is advisable to walk in long trousers to protect your legs from grass and thorn scratches.

Before departure, your guide will issue you with back or hip packs to carry, containing water and juices. The assistant trail guide carries a first aid kit as well as snacks for a refreshment break on the walk.

Afternoon and evening activities usually comprise a combination of a short walk and a drive. The afternoon activity is decided upon between the rangers and the guests.  This may include a short walk and after sundowners jumping onto a vehicle and completing the activity with a short game drive before heading back for dinner! 

Our Sleepouts are weather dependent. The feasibility is affected not only by rain on the day, but also in the day or two prior to the sleepout as the decks are built in a very sensitive soil area.  The area cannot be serviced after heavy rains without a high level of erosion risk to the access road.

As Plains Camp is a small camp, private activities are unfortunately not available.

Evening Game Drives
Sleep Outs
It is in the small things
Plunge Pool

* Fitness Requirements

  • The guide will adjust walking speed to accommodate the ‘slowest’ person in the group. However, to be fair to others, a fair amount of fitness is required to participate in the walking safari - we say if you can walk 18 holes of golf or a morning of serious retail therapy at a shopping mall, you MOST CERTAINLY will enjoy the safari walk.
  • The guide will structure the trail taking into account the fitness level of the group and any special requests.
  • NB - under 65 average level of fitness & 65+ above average level of fitness.

(home of Rhino Walking Safaris)

Plains Camp (home of Rhino Walking Safaris) has filled a niche in the tourism market, providing specialist walking safaris in the Kruger National Park since 2002.  South African National Parks offered the opportunity for guests to walk in the Kruger with armed guides in 1978.  This proved to be a huge success in ensuing years, and Rhino Walking Safaris recognized the need for a similar opportunity to be offered to discerning clients wanting to be close to nature, but with more of a “glamping” feel... READ MORE »

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